Advantages of Using Material from Rattan

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Finding rattan craft nowadays is not a difficult thing. Because rattan or rattan is widely used today by craftsmen, both for furniture and home decoration. For those of you who are curious about what are the advantages offered by using this material in the form of rattan, then here is the review.

What are the advantages of using Rattan?

More durable

Making furniture using rattan will be more durable and able to last a long time. You are here just diligent enough to clean the furniture from dust. So that the appearance of the furniture will be more beautiful, then you can add soft cushions to the chair furniture that uses rattan material.

Easy to Shape

As mentioned above, besides being able to be used as furniture, in fact rattan can also be used for home decoration. Rattan can be made for serving hoods, dining tables, wall decorations or partitions. The decorations are made from recycled rattan items that are no longer used.

Even furniture made using rattan does not have to follow its natural color. You can change the color by using additional paint. You can choose yellow, blue and so on according to your interests.

Have Light Weight

The next benefit possessed by rattan furniture is that it is light in weight. If you compare it to furniture using other materials, such as solid wood, iron and so on, then furniture that uses rattan material tends to be lighter. So that way when you want to move it, it can be done easily without requiring the help of more energy.

Relatively Cheap Price

The advantages of this one make rattan the target of many people. Furniture made from genuine rattan material tends to be sold at relatively cheap prices. But even though the price is cheap, it doesn’t mean the furniture is cheap. There are so many pieces of furniture that have a beautiful and aesthetic appearance.

This relatively cheap price is of course the main attraction why many people end up using rattan as the main choice in choosing furniture or decorations. Because when compared to other materials, rattan is arguably the cheapest.

Creating a Classic Feel

Of course, everything that exudes a classic feel will be able to steal the attention of many people. For this reason, it is not surprising that furniture craftsmen use rattan to make classy furniture. Not only for medium-sized furniture, but you will also find large furniture, such as a bed made of rattan.


You don’t need to doubt the strength of furniture made with rattan. Even here, rattan material is as strong as furniture that uses solid wood. That is the reason why furniture that uses rattan tends to be durable and long-lasting.

You can make chairs with rattan or home decorations using this material. In the next few years, the furniture or home decorations will last as long as you are diligent about cleaning them.

That was a review of what are the advantages of rattan as a raw material for making furniture or craft. By looking at these various advantages, it is only natural that rattan is in great demand in the market. In fact, many manufacturers are currently starting to compete using rattan as a raw material for making crafts and also home furnishings.

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